The Company


Deco s.r.l. is a precision mechanics facility situated in Val Brembilla, in the Province of Bergamo. 

The company has contributed to increasing the prestige of the Bergamo metalworking district since the 1970’s, focusing greatly on the precision of machining performed using the décolletage (bar-turning) technique.

This technique, from which the company takes its name, is essentially the set of chip removal operations necessary for the manufacture of mechanical parts.

On the market since 1974, and thanks to its technical development and continuous improvement of the products, today Deco s.r.l. can consider itself cutting-edge in the turning and high precision mechanical machining sectors.

The many years of experience acquired in the sector has allowed the company to become an excellent supplier of metal and plastic components, which are applied in several product sectors.


Precision and availability are essential and often determining factors in mechanical machining operations, along with flexibility of the machinery, which together allow complete series of articles to be manufactured to the customer’s specific design.

Deco s.r.l. carefully follows the progress of production technologies, constantly investing to expand and modernise the technological offer for its customers.

DECO has reached the prestigious goal of the ISO 9001:2015 certification for the production of metal parts obtained through machining by chip removal.

The company has defined and maintains an active quality management system according to the standard. Compliance has been established through the audit report no. I-Q-0620268.


Certificazione ISO 9001:2015 DECO



Constant technical development of the machinery

Training qualified staff

Compliance with ISO Environmental Directives

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