Our Machinery

The entire range of products is made using cutting-edge machinery, mainly numerically controlled lathes (CNC), which guarantee high precision and repeatability in all the mechanical machining operations.

All of our machinery is top quality and made by Japanese companies. It has an average lifespan of between three and five years; this means it is constantly updated.


Below find our current production units:

  • 18 Swiss type CNC Lathes with machining range of 4-40 mm, from 5 to 9 controlled axes for bar machining
  • 6 CNC Lathes with machining range of 20-70 mm, with 6 controlled axes, bar feeding and gantry loader.

Range of Machinery

  • Star Micronics
  • Nakamura Tome
  • Tsugami
  • Myano
  • Citizen
  • Takahashi

The machinery is connected to the network for remote control of job order progress, according to Industry 4.0 guidelines.


Additional and ancillary machinery:

  • Grinding
  • Sawing unit up to ø 300
  • Laser marking
  • Machines for special finishes
  • Modern vacuum washing plant with combined ultrasonic cycle

Control and measurement

Deco pays great attention to the quality of its products. It is for this reason that constant controls are performed using well-defined verification and inspection procedures that aim at constantly monitoring machining operations, starting from the machine set-up phase and continuing during the machining phases of the individual items produced.

The consolidated control procedures not only pay attention to the production phase but also to the incoming material.

Thanks to the flexibility of our organisational structure, the control and measurement operations can be determined with the individual customer in order to implement the standards required and structure a customised and efficient procedure.

Our top-of-the-range metrology instruments among other things also include:

  • Jenoptik Hommel-Etamic Opticline
  • Zeiss roughness meters
  • Mitutoyo altimeters
  • Vision optical controls


Of course, in addition to the internal and external dimensional checks and hardness tests.

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